Lowest Price Guaranteed – Purchase with CONFIDENCE

Energy Conscious is dedicated to selling products at a low price for its customers. We may not be able to sell at the lowest prices on all our products and at all times. However, when we can we will. When we can, we let you know about the price guarantee by displaying a badge on the product page below the price column.

Best Price Guarantee

Qualifying products will show a “Best Price Guarantee” badge. If within 15 days from the date of purchase you are able to find a lower price from an Online reseller or distributor, we will refund you for the difference you overpaid. The following are our guidelines for the “Best Price Guarantee”:

  1. Qualifying product – we have a “Best Price Guarantee” badge on the product page
  2. The competitor is an online reseller/distributor
  3. You have received a formal quotation from the competitor or pricing is clearly published on their website
  4. The competitor has stock of the same exact product available to ship immediately (back-orders do not qualify). Products must be brand new, factory-sealed, of the same brand, style and model
  5. If the competitor is on a website it must show the listed price of the product without having to login for pricing.
  6. Our Best Price Guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon, rebates (manufacturer or otherwise), holiday sales or closeouts and clearance sales. It also does not include auction sites such as eBay, volume quantities or project pricing quotes.

If you find any competitor with a lower price for a qualifying product, please email support@energyconscious.com or call our Customer Support at (888) 405-6064 and one of our representatives will be happy to price match it for you. Please note you will be asked to show proof of price by email.